China Shaolin traditional kung fu

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Our Shaolin kung fu school is the only school in the Benelux countries where the classes are given by a Shaolin monk.

Kung fu, tai chi and qi gong are taught the traditional Chinese way.

The approach differs from what we are used to in the West.

The focus is on the individual and his/her "inner power".

Show, display of strength and idle, uncontrolled movements are unwanted at our Shaolin kung fu school.

The content of the classes is the same for everyone, but the approach is different for each individual. The classes are tailor-made to suit the capabilities of each single student.

The classes are goal-oriented and very intensive. Those who want to play can do so … outside of the classes.

Once a class is finished, the students put on a big smile.

And that is what martial arts are about. That is what martial arts should be.

A warrior's aim is to overcome an opponent or … his own self.


The art refers to the manner, the beauty, the style.


Everybody is welcome in our school, irrespective of age, experience or gender.


The students at our school are mostly calm, even-tempered individuals.

However, don't forget what they say: still waters run deep…